Star left in debt by time in boyband
Gaby Whitehill

14:45 11th November 2013

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Robbie Williams has revealed he was left in huge debts are quitting Take That, having to pay £1.5million to leave the boyband after being asked to leave early by one of his bandmates.

The singer, 39, told Radio 4 that he ended up leaving the band actually owing them money. "For reasons I can't go into because certain people like suing me - and they like winning - there was a big need for me to get out of my contract and out of that record company," he revealed.

"I think I made a million or something in Take That and then it cost me a million and a half to get out of the deal. So as a 20-year-old I ended up coming out of Take That owing £500,000."

Watch the video for Take That's 'Relight My Fire' below:

Williams added after announcing he was leaving the band after their tour in 1995 - a time when he was "drinking heavily" - bandmate Jason Orange sat him down and asked him to leave early so they could get used to performing without him. "During the afternoon, Jason Orange said, 'Bob, we need to sit you down and have a chat," Williams said. "'So you're going to leave after this tour and what we've decided is, we think it's best you go now, so we can prove we can do this as a four-piece. What do you think?' That was the opening of the door. That's all I needed."
Williams embarked on a highly successful solo career upon leaving Take That, releasing nine studio albums and selling over 70 million albums worldwide. Take That disbanded before reforming in 2006, selling 2.8 million copies of their comeback album. Williams rejoined the band in 2010 for their album Progress.
Williams is preparing to release his tenth studio album, Swings Both Ways.

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