Songwriter dismisses claims and praises star
Gaby Whitehill

09:29 24th April 2014

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Singer-songwriter Ryan Tedder has addressed claims that Beyonce credits herself as a writer in tracks she didn't pen, revealing she played an important part in writing her hit 'Halo'.

Tedder is best known as the frontman of OneRepublic, but is also a highly prolific songwriter, penning hits for the likes of Leona Lewis ('Bleeding Love'), Adele ('Rumour Has It'), and Beyonce.

Tedder has written two of Bey's biggest tracks, 'Halo', and 'XO' - so knows better than anyone how involved Beyonce is in the writing process.

Addressing claims Bey unfairly credits herself as a writer in tracks she didn't compose, Tedder told the Guardian: "I can't speak for all of the songs that she does but I'll say this: she does stuff on any given song that, when you go from the demo to the final version, takes it to another level that you never would have thought of as the writer.

"For instance, on Halo, that bridge on her version is completely different to my original one," he continued. "Basically, she came in, ditched that, edited it, did her vocal thing on it and now it's become one of my favourite parts of the song. The whole melody, she wrote it spontaneously in the studio. So her credit on that song stems from that."

Watch the video for Beyonce's 'Halo' below:

However, Tedder did say he can't account for other tracks she's said to have worked on. "In terms of her other songs, I can't say," he admitted. "I know there's a long history, whether it's Celine Dion or Whitney, of artists transcending being just artists and becoming icons.

"Can they demand more? Absolutely. Whether you agree with it or not, they can because they can."

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