Award winning musician is writing his third album

 James Blake has confirmed that he is working on new material and that it takes his new sound 'downwards'.

Watch James Blake discuss new material in the video above

Speaking to Gigwise at yesterday's (22 May) prestigous Ivor Novello Awards in London, the 'Retrogade' singer said that he was writing a lot of new material and that it was sounding good. He did remain fairly secretive about the details however, failing to clearly define exactly what it was that he had been working on.

When asked about how work his third album was going, he responded: "Great actually, yeah, I'm writing a lot. I don't know how good it is yet but maybe you be the judge of that, but yeah it's sounding good".

When asked where it would take the James Blake sound he responded: "downwards. I'll let you make of that what you will..."

 lake received the award for Best Contemporary Song at the ceremony, for 'Retrograde', taken from his 2013 Mercury winning album Overgrown.

"What is it, what is the Ivors?" he said. "It's an award actually that my dad was nominated for, because he wrote the song that I based 'The Willhelm Scream' on. I didn't come he went and he had a great time so I knew that this was going to bve fun and I knew that it's a great ceremony, it's all in the right place, all the hearts are in the right place."

Below: Photos of James Blake performing at The Arches 

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