Band to begin work in October, as Matt Berninger discusses their next record
Andrew Trendell

11:17 16th June 2014

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The National have spoken out about progress on their next album, revealing that the band hope to 'change the way they work' for the new record. 

Speaking to Gigwise at the UK premiere of their brilliant new documentary movie, Mistaken For Strangers, frontman Matt Berninger said they would be regrouping in October to consider their next move on working on the follow-up to 2013's critically-acclaimed Trouble Will Find Me. 

When asked about how progress on their seventh album was going, Berninger replied: "Very slow, only because everybody wants to change the way we work from the past. Not because it doesn't work but I think we all feel that if we make another record like we've made the last three or four - we don't need to do that.

He continued: "We're talking about getting together, which won't be until about October, taking a little break and then getting together to try and write together in a room - which we've never done. We always work on little things and email back and forth. We have no idea whether it's going to work or not, but that's as far as we've got with the new record: trying to work out a plan and a different approach.

"That might fail miserably, but then we'll try it a different way."

When asked if the band had any idea or hopes on what their next record could sound like, Berninger said: "No, not really. Everybody's been talking about it and people have different ideas about what kind of record they want to make. But every time we all talk about that, it never helps anyone figure it out. It's never a very good creative catalyst to say 'I'm going to make this kind of record'. It's never been that helpful for me at least, let's just wait to see where things go organically and naturally.

"It's not going to be a hip-hop record, I'm pretty sure. I wish we could but I'm terrible at that, I've tried." 

- Check back soon for our full interview with Matt Berninger and brother and director Tom

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