The singer performed standng on a table without a PA system
Alexandra Pollard

10:47 3rd February 2015

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Frank Turner made a surprise appearance at London's 12 Bar Club, the venue which is occupied by a group of squatters, last night (2 February).

The venue was closed down for redevelopment last month, and has since been occupied by a group of squatters who have invited musicians to perform there once again. The club hosted the UK debuts of Adele, Keane and KT Tunstall.

One of the protesters told The Guardian, "“We have joined forces to protest about social cleansing and the actions of corporate developers who want to change the face of Soho."

Turner performed the surprise set for the activists, who call themselves Bohemians 4 Soho,  standing on a table and playing an acoustic guitar without a PA system.

Speaking to NME, Turner said: "The most important thing to say is that I know it's a losing battle. We're not going to save the 12 Bar - the 12 Bar's going to go. The reason that I'm here today is partly because I've never actually played the 12 Bar, but it's a way of saying goodbye. Also, I think it's important in life to stand up and be counted for the things that you care about."

Frank Turner played:

'Heart of the Continent'
'If Ever I Stray'
'The Real Damage'
'I Knew Prufrock Before He Got Famous'
'The Way I Tend to Be'
'The Road'
'Peggy Sang the Blues'
'Four Simple Words'
'A New England'
'Love Ire & Song'
'Plain Sailing Weather'
'The Ballad of Me and My Friends'
'I Still Believe'

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Photo: Justine Trickett