Celebrating the crooner's 100th birthday, Gigwise looks at artists influenced by Sinatra
Flynn Massey

15:49 7th December 2015

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Performer, artist, singer, actor, father. Born Francis Albert Sinatra on 12 December 1915, the man known to some as The Sultan of Swoon, to others simply Frank, or to the rest as Ol' Blue Eyes, Sinatra held all these titles without a question.

Responsible for singing songs which inspired more covers than any other solo artist in existence, Sinatra was a multi faceted artist. With a career that spanned across decades and genres of music, winning multiple awards including Emmys, Grammys, and an Oscar, he also was the man responsible for popularising musicians hosting and performing TV Specials.

Following the tribute show hosted by the Grammys on CBS, Gigwise celebrates the upcoming 100th birthday of the legendary singer and crooner by taking a look at the artists who were inspired by Frank.

  • Josh Groban: Sinatra in Groban's mind was "the ultimate song stylist. He was telling stories with songs. He showed it was OK to let different nuances come through. No one has sounded like him before or since, and that's something every young artist would want to strive for."

  • Sara Bareilles: Sinatra in Sara's eyes "helped define a genre that I believe will be a staple of popular music forever. He is as 'cool' as it gets."

  • Nancy Sinatra: Speaking about her father, Nancy said that the most important piece of business the old man passed down to her was to "Own your own masters. You have to own your own masters in the music business. It's your property and it%u2019s your only income as the years go by."

  • Harry Connick Jr: The multiple Grammy winning musician met Sinatra after he was invited to sing at Frank's 75th birthday party, and 'The Kid' said that he "Completely forgot the words| in front of him, then ran into him afterwards in the elevator with Jill Goodacre, his Victoria's Secret model girlfriend and wife-to-be. Before leaving the lift, Ol' Blue Eyes grabbed his Jill's face and said: "You're beautiful."

  • John Mayer, cited the value of Sinatra's rhythmic intuition in a former interview: "When you sing along to a Frank Sinatra record, you're always a little early in singing the words, you know? His delivery was so soulful."

  • Bono: Appearing at this month's Sinatra 100 tribute show on CBS and introducing the Legends lifetime achievement award to the legend at the 1994 Grammy Awards, the Irish frontman and U2 vocalist said: "Rock 'n' roll people love Frank because Frank has got what we want: swagger and attitude."

  • Michael Buble: Having recorded an album with Sinatra himself (The Kings of Swing), and undoubtedly basing the beginning of his career on the crooning legend, Buble stated: "It's impossible not to be inspired by the guy - this wonderful monster, this guy whose voice and whose control was incomparable."

  • Alicia Keys: The soulful singer-songwriter who also performed at Sinatra 100 had this to say about the 'My Way' crooner in an earlier interview: "Frank Sinatra is an all-timer, the true definition of class and style - He definitely had an impact on contemporary artists well beyond music -from his fashion sense to his 'crew,' the Rat Pack."

  • Brandon Flowers: The Killers' frontman palyed a medley of Old Blue Eyes' greatest hits at a tribute show earlier this year, saying of his love for Sinatra: "When I was a kid, I listened to Depeche Mode and New Order, but when I went home I would put on Frank Sinatra's Main Event. And I played golf. I secretly had this older persona for myself of, like, driving an Eldorado, smoking cigars and listening to Sinatra."

  • Tony Bennett: Frank Sinatra's friend, rival and peer once was paid the ultimate compliment by the Chairman of the Board himself: "Tony Bennett has four sets of balls."

  • John Legend: Before performing at the GRAMMYs tribute show to the Sultan of Swoon, the American singer spoke about Sinatra's influence not just on pop music, but on rap as well: "He's got an image that so many rappers appropriate - he was part of the establishment, but rebellious at the same time. You knew this was a guy you didn't (mess) around with."

  • Amy Winehouse: The late great Amy dedicated her first album Frank to the legendary crooner, as explained by her producer, Salaam Remi: "I had this amazing track, 'Half Time', that we had worked on during the Frank sessions. In fact she mentions Frank Sinatra in the song, and although it never made the album, was actually one of the reasons why she named her debut album Frank."

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