From Foals to Lily Allen via The Who, there are some wildly differing opinions
Alexandra Pollard

12:23 17th June 2016

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In less than a week's time, arguably one of the most important referendums in British history will take place. The referendum that decides whether Britain will leave the European Union.

It's a contentious issue, to say the least, and one which many musicians are reluctant to involve themselves with. The 1975's Matt Healy was up in arms, for example, when the Electoral Commission seemed to copy his band's aesthetic for a campaign on how to register to vote, saying, "You can't imbue my identity as an artist with something as divisive as The @eureferendum."

Some musicians have waded into the quagmire of debate though. Here's what they think.

  • Foals’ Yannis Philippakis: “My main concern, and I guess this is the thing the Brexit people are playing upon, is a fear that the population will expand to 80m people in Britain.”

  • Paloma Faith: Make sure you all register to vote to stay in the EU. COMMUNITY IS VITAL! Separatist attitudes are passé #vote”

  • The Who’s Roger Daltrey: "The only way we're going to get the Europe that we want is to get rid of this bunch of fucking useless wankers that are running it."

  • Gruff Rhys: “I’d miss it if the UK, true to its tradition of recreational vandalism, managed inexplicably to kick itself out of this sophisticated European nightclub.”

  • Bob Geldof: “If we’re not careful we’ll wake up on June 24th and have made a properly historic mistake for all sorts of reasons, not the least being peace in Europe. It’ll seriously destroy the economy.”

  • Lily Allen: Nothing against Bob [Geldof] but today's antics made me sad. young people can sway this vote, but young famouses won't put themselves out there.

  • Bryan Adams: “Does the UK really want to be governed by people that are unelected?”

  • Big Narstie: “It takes five seconds to put an X in the ballot box, five seconds to stop others from fucking up our future.”

  • Billy Bragg: Everyone recognizes that [the EU referendum] is an expression of the worst aspects of the ‘Little Englander’ mentality.”

  • The Chemical Brothers’ Ed Simons: “Singing 'Hey!, what's wrong with EU' to yourself can sure stave off those Brexit blues… anyone against the EU has never been on tour, am I right!?”

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