Featuring Slipknot, Marilyn Manson, Phil Spector and more...

13:30 29th October 2009

Just in time for Halloween, a collection of scary-looking rock and pop stars that would put the frighteners up anyone...

  • Dr Pest – This gimp plays keyboards for German thrash metal band Die Apokalyptischen Reiter (English 'The Apocalyptic Horsemen'). Scary huh? His real name is actually Mark Szakul.

  • Phil Spector – There are few scarier sights on this planet than a Phil Spector mugshot. Especially when the shamed music producer is stripped of his wig.

  • Pete Burns - Years of plastic surgery have turned Pete into a bit of a trout-faced walking nightmare. Argh!

  • Gene Simmons – Much, much scarier without his KISS face paint. Enough to give you nightmares!

  • Mick Hucknall - Oh ginger one, please do not torment us any longer!! Your face is like a nasty acid trip.

  • Mick Thomson – Most Slipknot members could have made the list but Mick Thomson is easily the scariest. A towering brute of a man, his mask adds to the menace

  • GG Allin - He may now be dead, but in life Mr Allin was one seriously scary motherf*cker. During his live shows he regularly mutilated himself and often threw faeces at the audience.

  • Marilyn Manson – Although he's really as tame as a kitten, Brian Warner does occasionally look pretty damn scary onstage. Proper horrorshow.

  • Shane MacGowan – Is that a ghost? Nope it's Shane MacGowan

  • Ozzy Osbourne - Way before he turned into literally a shell of a human being, Ozzmeister was a cocaine fiend used to bite the heads off bats and threaten to kill people. Nice.

  • HeWhoCannotBeNamed – The Dwarves guitarist always plays butt naked except for his mask. Thankfully for you, we've cropped his shrivelled manhood out of the image.

  • Courtney Love – A particularly unflattering pic of the former Hole singer taken in September.

  • Watain – Easily the freakiest Black Metal band to have come out of Sweden.

  • Aphex Twin – There's something freaky about the sight of Richard D James face superimposed onto children's bodies. Taken from the video for 'Come To Daddy', easily one of the scariest music videos of all time.

  • Devin Townsend – If the Devil actually existed, this is what he'd look like

  • Dee Snider – The Twisted Sister singer is actually disturbing to look at.

  • A nice close-up of Shane MacGowan's snot encrusted nose.

  • Legendary rock n' roll hellraiser King Diamond.

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Photo: WENN.com / Splash News