From the disappointing to the disastrous

There is something to be said for a beautiful piece of album artwork, and even in 2014, where the only place many people admire such pieces will be on the screen of their smartphone, a great album sleeve is always appreciated.

Which is why everything in this gallery sticks out like such a sore thumb, as some of the worst, and most underwhelming pieces of album art we have seen in 2014. There are records in here by artists that we love (Arthur Beatrice, Lana Del Rey) and there are records in here by artists that we don't love quite so much (Peter Andrew, The Vamps). All of which could do much better.

These are the worst album covers of 2014. Sorry everyone.

  • The Pretty Reckless - Going To Hell: Wow, Taylor Momsen you are SUCH a rebel. We know this because you have made your butt the focus of your band's album artwork. Cool. The problem is, we're so desensitised to nudity now, we're not shocked anymore. Hell, we're more familiar with Miley Cyrus' camel toe than anything else. Can we please also discuss the placement of the arrow?

  • Sam Smith - In The Lonely Hour: Sam Smith is a Serious Pop Artist. We know this because he's constantly in a state of deep thought, so much so that he couldn't even pause his meaningful ponderings to open his eyes for his own album cover. So deep.

  • Sam Bailey - The Power Of Love: Microsoft Word font and Key Stage 1 Photoshop aside, WTF is going on with Sam Bailey's HEAD? Is that position physically possible to achieve? Eh, what did we expect? We lost faith in X Factor winners long ago. LONG AGO.

  • Bruce Springsteen - High Hopes: Denim, highly basic Photoshop skills and a whole lot of crotch make the Boss way less Boss-like.

  • Elbow - The Take Off And Landing Of Everything: We like Elbow as much as the next person, but the artwork for their latest effort screams "can't be arsed". Take a close-up, arty photo of a statue, shove a weird, dated blue filter on it, and you're done. It smacks of laziness, but don't judge a book by its cover - the album itself is incredible.

  • Enrique Iglesias - Sex and Love: If you've heard the turd that is Enrique and Pitbull's charming 'I'm A Freak', you'll know we're a long way away from the romantic pop balladry of 'Hero'. Yep, Enrique Iglesias is on one man-mission to steal the crown of Sexist Gross Douchebag from Robin Thicke., and judging from this sleazy cover, Thicke should watch his back.

  • Joey Essex - Essex Anthems: Why are we surprised? The cover of Essex Anthems was hardly going to be the TOWIE 'kingpin' depicted in an artful way [perhaps in the style of Salvador Dali, a melted depiction of Joey sitting with some dumbos in The Sugar Hut, their Red Bulls and Vodka dripping out of their hands]. Well, we've got this, and all we can think about are how freakishly tiny his eyes are.

  • Paloma Faith - A Perfect Contradiction: One of you is more than enough Paloma, we don't need 6. Shoo.

  • Nicholas McDonald - In The Arms Of An Angel: Marginally better than fellow X Factor alum Sam Bailey's artwork, but what isn't? Attempts to make poor old Nicholas look edgy, cool and MODERN have failed miserably. Mainly because his album is called In The Arms Of An Angel.

  • Steel Panther - All You Can Eat: The joke was over a long time ago, and it's about as funny as a nasty case of haemorrhoids anyway.

  • Young Teflon - Renaissance: We can't work out if this is so bad it's good or if it's just plain terrible. So we'll go with terrible, just to be on the safe side.

  • Maximo Park - Too Much Information: What? Is he... shaving his tongue? Why? Is this a thing? Never has one picture made us so confused and nauseous.

  • Jamie Grace - Ready To Fly: This looks like a year 9 ICT project by someone who thought making the background black and white was basically the deepest thing anyone could possibly do. To be fair to Jamie Grace though, her face seems to be saying, "Sorry about this. It's a bit naff isn't it?"

  • David Crosby - Croz: This treads an incredibly fine line between terrible and absolutely wonderful. Those eyebrows, that far-off gaze, the flowing silver hair... But no. Definitely terrible.

  • AKB48 - Tsugi no Ashiato: "Come and join our cult. It is a calm and peaceful place. We are happy here." The one on the far left is definitely screaming "help" with her eyes.

  • Prong - Ruining Lives: To say that Prong will be ruining lives with this album cover is a bit extreme, but that green/purple colour scheme is really quite upsetting. Oh and the eye that's been skewered by a fork. That's not very nice either.

  • Arthur Beatrice - Working Out: Gorgeous album, artwork like a tea-stained dinner tray. It may be a 'proper' piece of art, but it just doesn't work as a record sleeve.

  • Jamie Lynn Spears - Journey: Imagine Britney - but just giving even LESS of a damn. Oh hai there, Jamie Lynn...

  • The Vamps - Meet The Vamps: Not only a crime against denim but a crime against our eyes. One for anyone who thinks One Direction's artwork is too edgy.

  • Twiztid - Get Twiztid: Oh good. An Insane Clown Posse knock-off.

  • Marku Schulz - Scream 2: He makes trance music - AS IF THAT WASN'T OBVIOUS.

  • Iced Earth - Plagues Of Babylon: Way to play to the metal band stereotype guys...

  • Mariah carey: Me I am. Mariah. The Elusive Chanteuse: The artwork doesn't live up to the title of the decade.

  • Lana Del Rey - Ultraviolence: We love Lana Del Rey and everything about the new record but let's just put this in perspective - the album cover is a photo of a woman getting out of a car looking a bit pissed off with a black and white filter whacked on top. She pulls it off - just...

  • Imelda May - Tribal: The quiff. The jacket. The pose. The lettering. Whatever Imelda May did to be lumped with this overexposed, over-eighties homage for her new album is a mystery. We are sure she didn't deserve it.

  • Peter Andre - Big Night: Big night, small budget. Lol, just lol.

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