While visiting their kids...
Scott Colothan

11:35 5th December 2005

Pete DohertyPete Doherty and Liam Gallagher have had a bust-up while visiting their daughters at Lisa Moorish’s house.

Doherty has a two-year-old son, Estile, to Moorish and turned up at her home unannounced while Gallagher was there. Liam had been seeing his seven-year-old daughter Molly in a pre-arranged visit.

Unsurprisingly, Pete was apparently very worse for wear and stumbling about when Liam confronted him and ejected him out onto the street.

A ‘source’ told The Sun: “Lisa has allowed Pete to see Estile recently. It seemed he was sorting himself out and she felt that he was ready to build bridges.

“But she would expect him to organise his visits on advance, although it’s difficult with someone like Pete. It didn’t help that he seemed a bit worse for wear and was rambling and stumbling all over the place.

“Lisa just lost her temper and Liam was really miffed. He turfed Pete out into the street and told him he wasn’t going anywhere near either of the kids until he sorted himself out.”

Photo by: Linda Chasteau

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