On a perfect album, can you pick a favourite?
12:23 10th May 2022

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The Stone Roses set quite a lot in motion when they dropped their self-titled debut album in May of 1989. Young artists the world over were inspired by their knack for a pop melody and their ability to wrap it up in a joyful brand of indie rock ready for the second summer of love in early 1990s Manchester.

Many have said (and to this we would agree) that The Stone Roses is a perfect album, with not a stinker among its twelve tracks. Thirty-three years on from its release, we asked some up-and-coming artists an impossible question: which is their favourite?

'I Wanna Be Adored'

‘I Wanna Be Adored’ is my fav song from their debut album because it’s so subversive, you don’t usually hear a guy saying “I want to be adored” — it’s a selfish and vulnerable thing to say but here a guy is singing about not chasing and professing your love/lust (typically what men do in songs) but instead saying he wants to be the adored. Not devoted or supported but to be tenderly admired for who he is. It’s quite gentle and soft. I also love how he repeats the same line over and over and it’s the basically whole song… not a fly-by line. Shows how simple songwriting can be. (Berry Galazka)


Not many better ways to open a debut album. It builds and builds with that soft beat and bassline, but once those drums kick in with the main riff… what a tune. For us, there was no debate on our favourite track, this is timeless. (Idle Hours)


I can still remember hearing that infamous bassline coming through my brother’s speakers when he showed me the record when I was about 17, and then the drum fill that announces that dark guitar line. I loved the haunting obliqueness of the lyrics, ‘I don’t have to sell my soul, he’s already in me, I wanna be adored…’ And that’s all it really is. It’s one of those songs that shows you how much darkness, atmosphere and feeling you can create with a few lines, a few chords and confidence in simplicity. (Lucy Sheehan, PROJECTOR + O Hell)


A beautiful track, it combines the band's trademark Mancunian upbeat optimism with vocal harmonies akin to The Beach Boys and an indie sensibility that puts me in mind of The Smiths or Echo and the Bunnymen. In my head, it is the sound of a waterfall until it bursts into a short, sharp rock flourish which on its own might not have been my favourite but works wonderfully in its context. (Mewn)


'Bye Bye Bad Man'

I love the menacing lyrics and musically I think its the perfect example of what The Roses were best at — the cross over of '60s pop melodies and the groove of the time. The Stone Roses were the perfect band. A rare example of four individuals with a gang-like mentality, whether it was the clothes or the music. The debut album still, after all this time, opens up a world for you to become part of. An attitude and confidence to take on and use in whatever you do personally. With a soundtrack that musically and melodically, will continue to blow minds for the rest of time. (Billy Sullivan)


'Made of Stone'

Our favourite track from The Stone Roses album is 'Made Of Stone'. It has such a euphoric chorus! There’s a big snare drum and then the song kicks into gear with the “sometimes I fantasise” line before Squire and Brown follow each other on that walk down. An amazing song like so many others on the record. (Saloon Dion)


'Shoot You Down'

‘Shoot You Down’ — what a track! The chilled, shuffled breakbeat drums in the verse are so sick. I love how the song fades in then all the instruments come in one by one. The stops with Ian Brown's low volume "I'd love to do it and you know you've always had it coming" are pretty iconic. Funny with this song, I’d always sing along to that part but never actually knew the lyrics… haha. Pretty sinister hey?: about finally getting out of a fucked up relationship. The chorus/bridge is epic as it opens up with big chords and a straighter beat: "I never wanted the love that you showed me…" Classic Stone Roses sing-a-long anthem! Love the jam out relaxed outro too and how it just fizzles out. (Matty Took, PLANET)


'This Is the One'

It’s very difficult to decide my favourite, for me the album is pretty flawless. If i had to decide it would be 'This Is the One': the emotion it evokes is unparalleled. It fills me with optimism. The way the song develops with the tempo change and the dynamics getting louder and louder before reaching its climax, it’s just powerful. Manchester United also walk out to it so i’m slightly biased there but it will always move me and fill me with excitement and hope for the future which not many songs or bands can do. (Saul, L'objectif)


'I Am the Resurrection'

We’ve always loved 'I Am the Resurrection' as it’s such clever, free flowing songwriting. They make you wait for the resolve for what feels like forever. Then it hits and you get this euphoric chorus before a psychedelic jam. Eight-minute perfection. (Wings of Desire)


'Fools Gold'

If we had to pick one track from the album, it would have to be 'Fools Gold'. It’s a big tune that gets everyone moving from the start. The psych/funk guitar riff over the chopped up dance beat is iconic and we can all still remember the first time we heard it. John Cornfield who produced our upcoming EP (out later this year on This Feeling Records) also engineered the track and hearing about how they made the record was so class! (The Native)

It's gotta be 'Fools Gold'. The riff is timeless and how the song evolves into this progressive 10-minute masterpiece highlights how special the Roses were. (ROLLA)

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