A stripped back SOFY isn't afraid to be vulnerable
Dale Maplethorpe
12:11 25th November 2022

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SOFY has already made a solid name for herself after only 18 months in music as she has released tracks to the acclaim of fans and critics, played Glasto and is generally just being recognised for her forward thinking and observational lyrics. Though her previous songs have brought with them a throwback to the brit-pop era in the noughties, her new single ‘btw’ gives us a peak into a much softer side.

SOFY acknowledges how different this track sounds when compared to some of her other releases, saying, “’btw’ is going to surprise a few people I think, it’s completely different to the rest of the project.” The track is incredibly stripped back, offering only a plucking guitar and SOFY’s raw lyricism for the most part. It provides us with a nice break from what we’ve come to expect and shows the versatility that SOFY has to offer as an artist.

The new single marks the last release from SOFY before her new EP ‘Bored In Colour (Pt.2)’ comes out on 6thJanuary 2023. “It’s probably the first song that I’ve written where I’ve fully worn my heart on my sleeve,” she said, “and it’s the only song I’m actually kind of scared to release because it’s SO vulnerable.”

SOFY is also preparing for a sold out show in Omeara on November 30th as well as a show in Layfette in March next year. After having such a big year releasing music and touring round the country at near enough any and every major festival out there, SOFY is clearly ready to solidify herself not only as an excellent lyricist but as one of the must see live acts out there.

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