Man punches him...
Daniel Melia

11:05 1st September 2005

Simply Red front man Mick Hucknall was forced to defend himself earlier this week when a crazed fan jumped on stage and attacked him.

Hucknall was performing in Cuba when a man ran on to the stage and tried to punch him, he fought back and ended up pushing the attacker into the orchestra pit. The show was then ended and police arrested the man.

Hucknall’s manager Ian Grenfell commented: It was bizarre. What is so worrying is that we don't know what the man's intentions were. He was a Cuban American in his twenties and he stormed the stage and tried to attack Mick.”

He added: "Police say the man was stoned but what is unclear is why he took exception to Mick."

At witness to the attack told this mornings Sun: “There was no security at all and he was able to get right up to Mick where he seemed to throw a punch. Mick got the better of the man and then walked off saying ‘Thank you, good night. That is the end of the show.”

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