Get ready for Homme and co's return
Will Butler

10:03 30th September 2015

The Dead Weather have revealed the reasoning behind their lack of live shows, namely the scheduling difficulties that stems from the member's respective projects  - meaning the return of Queens Of The Stone Age. 

In an interview with Billboard, Dead Weather and Queens of the Stone Age guitarist Dean Fertita, when asked about the absence of a Dodge and Burn tour, he responded: "Schedules. The Kills are working on a record, Queens of the Stone Age are starting up again. City and Colour is starting up soon. Jack’s just been going forever so he just needs a minute."

"We all would love to play. Obviously, it’s our favorite thing in the world to play together. Maybe some day, but immediate future, it’s not happening"

Singer, Alison Mosshart added: "do you know how many records we could write in a couple years? I’m glad this music’s out there; it’s very hard to plan far ahead. There’s much going on and we’re all so busy."

 Check out The Dead Weather's 'I Feel Love (Every Million Miles)' below

In the same interview, bassist Jack Lawrence talked about the band's attitude in the studio and how perfection is totally overrated: "The studio is definitely a fifth member of the band. You play off what you’re given. I don’t think a lot of people know about bleed in recording. So, we all record in one room together; most studios are separate. There are guitar amps in one room, there’s a bass amp in one room and the drums are in the middle. So, if you wanna pull down everything and leave the drums in, you can still hear guitar on it.

"When we’re recording and mixing you can’t just punch in. You have to use what’s there. This record has tons of mistakes on it. When you listen to music now it's perfect, because people are making it perfect."

As a part of the promotion for the album, Jack White released a drumming tutorial video on Youtube where he ran through his drum rig and gives a surrealist sticks lesson.

  • 15. 'Go With The Flow': No doubt a QOTSA gateway track for many, 'Go With The Flow' is a visceral testament to the band's legacy. Raw, intense, and a riff that will make you want to learn guitar, it has everything.

  • 14. 'Burn The Witch': Straight off 2005's Lullabies To Paralize, 'Burn The Witch' is perfect proof of QOTSA's ability to take a simple, infinitely catchy hook and build an effortless anthem around it.

  • 13. 'If I Had A Tail': Indicative of Like Clockwork's dark, foreboding ambience, 'If I Had A Tail' is one of qotsa's most ominous tracks, and thus one of their most intriguing.

  • 12. 'Little Sister': We've got a fever, and the only prescription is more cowbell.

  • 11. 'Make It Wit Chu': Romantic and QOTSA don't usually belong in the same sentence, but this twisted ode to modern love saw Homme show his sweet side, a rare yet beautiful thing.

  • 10. 'Sick Sick Sick': From subtle romance to all out intensity, the polarity between ferocious instrumental foundations and Homme's relaxed vocal delivery on 'Sick Sick Sick' justifiably places it as one their best.

  • 9. '3's and 7's': Like a runaway train, '3's and 7's' feels gloriously unpredictable, no matter how many times you listen to it.

  • 8. 'First It Giveth': One of the tracks that ushered in the band's worldwide breakthrough, 'First It Giveth' established QOTSA's signature sound early on, a raw yet polished take on rock foundations.

  • 7. 'My God Is The Sun': The perfect fusing of their old and new sounds that perfectly encapsulated the group's growth over the last decade, 'My God Is The Sun' was one of the fundamental reasons why Like Clockwork received such critical acclaim.

  • 6. 'Monster In The Parasol': One of the lesser known singles from the early days, this track is still a firm favourite in Queens' frankly amazing live show, and rightly so, it's a banger. With acid-fuelled lyrics and a menacing stoner-rock groove, let's pray they bring this out at R L.

  • 5. 'Mexicola': One of the band's more bass-led tracks, 'Mexicola' is the type of song that makes you want to walk down the street like a badass, a heavy smash with urgent, passionate vocals. Josh Homme says that everyone needs a theme song in life, make this yours.

  • 4. 'Smooth Sailing': Another one from Like Clockwork, 'Smooth Sailing' is about as bombastic as QOTSA get, a funky yet powerful smash with an unashamedly huge chorus. It's also oh so sexy.

  • 3. 'Feel Good Hit of the Summer': A fuzzy classic from the back catalogue, 'Feel Good Hit of the Summer' is a call to arms for QOTSA fans, a visceral romp through the band's vices over intense foundations. The ultimate hedonism anthem.

  • 2. 'No One Knows': No doubt their most iconic song, 'No One Knows' is a bona fide piece of rock history, a ferocious statement of intent from the group that even your mum will recognise. Expect this to be one of THE defining moments of Reading and Leeds.

  • 1. 'A Song For The Dead': ...and so we've hit number one, are you really surprised? Their classic set-closer and perhaps career-definer, 'A Song For The Dead' brings together everything we love about QOTSA and condenses it into six minutes of near-perfect rock.

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Photo: Justine Trickett