The band's fourth album, Lucky Ones, is out 29 January
Will Butler

13:05 20th October 2015

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Definitely one for fans of The Cure or The Verve, The Crookes' have kindly shared their new single 'I Wanna Waste My Time On You' with us at Gigwise. Check it out first below.

Calling back to the halcyon days of dancefloor indie, the Sheffield quartet are still going strong combining woozy melodies with sharp production, as was the fashion in 2008, but have maintained a freshness and vigour all these years while many of The Crookes' contemporaries expired.

This new single will feature on the band's fourth studio album entitled Lucky Ones which is out 29 January 2016. It could be the soundtrack of you giving up on your new year's resolutions, just think about that.

The video matches the levity of the track as it follows the band's fictional manager who dotes after The Crookes, looking for their affections and receiving only animosity. We don't want to ruin the ending but, suffice to say, you'll be smiling by the time the video fades to black.

Watch The Crookes' video for 'I Wanna Waste My Time On You' below

Speaking on the recording of the video, Tom from the band said: "This was the most fun we’ve had filming a music video ever! Khyan had this weird concept about a doting father figure to the band whose enthusiasm goes unappreciated, and it led to lots of bizarre scenes with David washing our car, feeding us breakfast and playing Twister while we watched."

Check out The Crookes live at their dates below. For tickets and information, visit here

Nov 5 2015 Glasgow, O2 ABC
Nov 6 2015 Dundee, Fat Sam's
Nov 7 2015 Edinburgh, The Liquid Rooms 
Nov 8 2015 Aberdeen, The Garage
Nov 10 2015 Liverpool, O2 Academy 
Nov 11 2015 Norwich, UEA 
Nov 12 2015 Oxford, O2 Academy 
Nov 13 2015 Coventry, The copper rooms
Nov 14 2015 Southampton, Independence Festival 
Nov 15 2015 Bristol, O2 Academy
Nov 16 2015 Manchester, Academy 2 
Nov 17 2015 London, Electric Ballroom
Nov 19 2015 Nottingham, Rock City 
Nov 20 2015 Sheffield, O2 Academy 
Nov 21 2015 Bedale, Chantry Hall 
Nov 22 2015 Newcastle, O2 academy 
Nov 23rd 2015 Cambridge, The Junction 

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  • Radical Boy: Taking the two piece model that's dominating the charts right now into more exciting territories, Radical Boy create noise rock that will rock you to the core. Embracing ferocity and fuzz but not afraid to include a dreamy harmony here and there, their sound is visceral yet somehow pretty damn charming.

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