The past haunts him...
Daniel Melia

15:47 11th November 2005

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Jacko, unpopular againMichael Jackson has been left fuming after a company released a wine called ‘Jesus Juice’ which bears a label showing the ‘King of Pop’ imitating Christ.

The product is the work of a CBS Evening News producer Bruce Rheins who was the main anchor of the channels coverage of Jackson’s child molestation trial.

He took the name from allegations during the case that Jackson gave children wine under the guise of a soft drink called ‘Jesus Juice’. Jackson is reportedly furious according to Sky News and is expected to take legal action against Rheins.

The label of the wine features a near-naked man in a loin cloth, wearing a sequinned glove, a black fedora hat, with his arms outstretched in a pose akin to the crucifiction. It has not only offended Jackson but religious groups as well.

Rhein has defended himself, saying that the wine was never meant for public sale: "My wife and I are hobby winemakers. We made a few bottles for friends. We never wanted to sell it. We only trademarked it because we didn't want other people to try to make money off it."

"I want to apologise to anybody who is offended by this. It was an irreverent idea that, in hindsight, I would discard, just like I'll probably discard those labels."

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