Get ready for huge new album, Summer '08
Ben Butler

17:19 11th May 2016

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Metronomy are back, and with more cowbell - get excited. Check out the new video for 'Old Skool' from upcoming album Summer '08 below. 

Sharon Horgan, from the brilliant Catastrophe, stars in the heavily-stylized 70's video for synth-tune 'Old Skool' off new album 'Summer 08'. The video also features Ben Compton from Game of Thrones.

'Old Skool' is the first song we've heard from 'Summer 08', and if it's anything to go by we're in for a treat. Coming off the Mercury Prize-nominated, 'The English Riviera' and the hit-filled 'Love Letters', the stakes have been increasingly raised for Metronomy founder, Joe Mount.

Metronomy's fifth album, ‘Summer 08’ sees the multi-instrumentalist reflecting on his breakthrough, and getting back to his brilliant basics, “I wanted to make another record with the naivety of ‘Nights Out’: ten tracks, straight up, upbeat. Write another banger, then another, and don’t really think about it”.

'Old Skool' is an aesthetic joy, and it's video beautifully imagines a kaleidoscope of hedonism, with an out-of-hand party soundtracked by pulsating beats and fuelled by intense envy.

Here's the video in full, it's a real treat:

With Mount's influences spanning from OutKast, to David Bowie, and Daft Punk it's clear the foundations are strong, and rather risky. So much so that we shouldn't expect to see it performed on the road any time soon. “I want to have a break from touring but I don’t want a break from putting out music,” says Mount, indicating that he wants to prioritise time with his two young children.

It's understandable, but it's also a bit of a disappointment for fans. 'Old Skool' beautifully spirals into chaos thanks to Beastie Boys' turntabilist and Mount's childhood hero - Mix Master Mike.

Speaking for what it all means, Mount said, “I was living in East London in 2008 and felt like all this stuff was happening in the West end. It's nonsense really, but I felt it was this privileged end of town, all the musicians there had wealthy parents and were living in Ladbroke Grove and Notting Hill. So that song's about being totally idiotic and just jealous.”

Mix Master Mike isn't the only big name to feature on 'Summer 08', collaborators include Robyn who duets with Mount on 'Hang Me Out To Dry', which is mixed my Erol Alkan and is the band-leaders favourite. Metronomy's latest also features 'Mick Slow' which is teased as a brilliant interlude of Bowie worship.

The album will be available to preorder from Friday 13 May with Old Skool available as an instant download.

‘Summer 08’ Tracklisting:

1. Back Together
2. Miami Logic
3. Old Skool (with Mixmaster Mike)
4. 16 Beat
5. Hang Me Out To Dry (with Robyn)
6. Mick Slow
7. My House
8. Night Owl
9. Love's Not an Obstacle
10. Summer Jam


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