And more focused...
Scott Colothan

13:07 11th May 2006

The Futureheads have been speaking to Gigwise about their second album ‘News and Tributes’ and say it’s better than their debut.

Bassist and vocalist Jaff told us: “Well it’s more focused, the first album was done as a bit of a laugh, we didn’t really know what we were doing.

“We were very serious about it but we were naïve as well. This new record has more traditional songs and I think its better.”

He also said the album was much easier to record than their eponymous debut, adding:  “The first album was a nightmare to record, we did it in London in about 3 different studios with two different producers (Andy Gill and Paul Epworth), it was a terrible experience.

“On the new album we did it in five weeks on a farm we converted into a studio.”

‘News and Tributes’ hits the shelves on May 29.

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