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Daniel Melia

10:35 7th August 2006

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    The things you say when seriously drunk of a weekend nearly always come back to bite you on the ass on a Monday morning, Kasabian’s Tom Meighan found that out today.

As we reported on Saturday Meighan spent most of an interview on Channel 4’s transmission on Friday night moaning about having to pay to watch the Rolling Stones who they are shortly to support.

Meighan told the show: “It's quite incredible. We're fucking supporting them! So if we get kicked off the stage we've got to buy a ticket, which is about 200 quid. It's probably Americans who are running it, not Jagger. And Richards isn't going to know what's fucking going on, is he?"

Well, someone somewhere didn’t take too kindly to the comments and this morning Kasabian have issued a statement apologising for the comments.

It reads: “We are sorry for the comments made concerning Rolling Stones ticket prices. We now realise Kasabian as a support band do not have to pay to see the Rolling Stones perform.”

“We are incredibly honoured and excited to be supporting the Stones on some of their European dates - it's like a dream come true for all of us.”

Tail, legs, between.

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