Lowri Williams

11:44 3rd September 2006

Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher had a boozy fight with former England footballer Paul ‘Gazza’ Gascoigne on Friday.

Reformed alcoholic Gazza admitted recently to falling off the wagon and was in London’s Groucho Club getting hammered when the incident occurred.

After punches were thrown, Liam ended up setting off a fire extinguisher in Gazza’s face.

A source told the Star: “Tempers flared and there was a couple of punches thrown. Liam then decided to cool Gazza off with the extinguisher.

“It ended up being quite funny.”

Another source added: “Gazza was at the club for an interview and Liam rocked up at the same time.

“They’ve met each other in the past so Liam bowled over to Gazza and said hello and was chatting with him.

“But as the evening progressed they got into an argument, tempers flared – and even a fight started.

“It was chaotic until door men intervened and pulled them apart. Gazza didn’t look happy.”

Oh dear, maybe the old men should stay at home a little more…

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