Arctics and The View should write better songs instead...
Jason Gregory

21:16 25th February 2007

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The Kaiser Chiefs have told bands criticising them to shut up and write better songs instead.

Talking exclusively to Gigwise about derogatory comments made by the Arctic Monkeys and more recently The View, keyboardist Nick ‘Peanut’ Baines suggested his band are simply obvious targets for them to pick on.

He told us, "We are an easy target because nobody ever slags off a small band because you’re not going to get noticed by the press are you? Of course, you slag off someone who’s doing well because obviously you’re being a lot more outrageous in your comments aren’t you?”

He added, “You realise that it’s all one big game but unfortunately the bands that choose to slag us off are taking it far too seriously. It’d be better if they were writing better songs than us, but they’re not so they can shut up.”

However, Peanuts professes to see to the funny side of the criticism, and is content in the knowledge Kaiser Chiefs detractors will soon be heading back to "packing supermarket shelves".

He explains, "It doesn’t disappoint me. It’s not as if I’m hurt or lying awake at night or anything like that you know? It amuses me because it’s so transparent, so see-through what they’re doing.

"You’re like, ‘Well I can see clearly what your doing, I know now that I’m not to believe a word you’re saying and we’ll get on with what we’re doing and you get back to packing shelves in supermarkets again.'"

The Kaiser Chiefs release their long awaited second album, ‘Your Truly, Angry Mob’ tomorrow, with their single 'Ruby' topping the singles charts today..

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