But they won't be playing any festivals...
Daniel Melia

12:10 13th March 2007

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Franz Ferdinand have begun work on a new album which will stop them from playing any festivals in the UK this year.

Speaking to XFM Alex Kapranos and Nick McCarthy revealed that the new material is very different from their previous work but it should retain some of the bands signature sound.

Kapranos said: "Nick and I are writing some more tunes. We’ve got a wee place in Glasgow where we’re doing some new songs.

“It’s a wee bit different from last stuff but still very danceable, that’s the main thing. It’s always pop. Franz Ferdinand has always been pop."

Going on to explain the bands absence from the festival season he added: "We’re gonna play Bonnaroo but no any British festivals.

“We don’t really want to play any British festivals until we’ve written a bunch of new songs for people to hear. I don’t really see the point of keeping on going out and playing the same old stuff again and again you wanna come back with something exciting.”

The band have also been working on the soundtrack for the new film ‘Hallam Foe’ from Scottish director David Mackenzie.

Of that project Nick McCarthy said: “The songs called 'Hallem Foe, Dandelion Blow' and its about the film's main character.

“Its supposed to be a 'person ballad' like 'Rocky Racoon' or 'The Ballad Of The Thin Man' or something like that. Its about this guy, he’s a Peeping Tom but a very likeable one funnily enough.

“He's played by Jamie Bell, the guy that did 'Billy Elliot'. He’s fantastic, an amazing guy so it was a pleasure doing it."

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