They've got hundreds of unreleased tunes...
Chris Taylor

11:37 22nd April 2007

Travis plan to release hundreds of unheard songs on their Myspace site “indefinitely”.

The band have been posting unreleased tunes from their back-catalogue on their site for months, and say they’ve got so many in the vaults they can keep going for years.

Singer Fran Healy says, “We've released 130 songs in A-sides, B-sides and album tracks since we started out. Now there's finally a place where we can put up four brand new tracks a week that people haven't heard before.

"We've been doing that for 12 weeks and we've still got hundreds of songs to put up. We might have to slow it down a bit, but we can pretty much go on indefinitely!"

Drummer Neil Primrose explains, “The last time we released a record it was a different world. There was no YouTube, no Myspace, the internet was still finding its feet. Now it's incredibly exciting to learn about it and see how it works."

The Scottish rockers release new album ‘The Boy With No Name’ through the ‘old media’ of CDs and things on 7 May.

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