The cover’s a re-imagination of the fighter jet on the cover of Beastie Boys’ Licensed To Ill
Jessie Atkinson
16:12 31st August 2018

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Eminem’s fighting for his right to bigotry on brand new surprise album drop Kamikaze and the three-quarters of an hour-long power trip is already number one on iTunes.

The man can certainly rap - if, indeed, rapping means drawing no discernible breath - though the redeemable features on this album undoubtedly come from Dr Dre’s co-produced beats. 

Sticking his leg out in a weak attempt to trip a whole host of younger rappers including Lil Yachty, Lil Xan and Machine Gun Kelly embarrassingly exposes Mathers’ toxic masculinity and his sub-par rhymes and choruses, which are becoming increasingly infantile as the years fly by (“suck my dick”, anyone?)

Meanwhile, his unforgivable use of homophobic slur on modern genius Tyler The Creator in ‘Fall’ brings the entire album to an early close: 2018 isn’t here for homophobia and the reviews will reflect that. 

To save you the listen: Marshall Mathers is stuck in 2005 and refusing to come out, still spouting the same stuff he always has, to weaker and weaker effect. On Kamikazi, the forty-five year old spends one minute for every year of his life weakly laying down his backwards ideas for a world that no longer needs him.

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Photo: Craig McDean/Press