Ahead of a new album titled Love Is Gonna Find You coming on Sleepless Records
Cai Trefor
14:30 26th July 2019

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Knowing Micah Erenberg takes to songwriting like Arsenal's Kolasinac to an armed robber, we're thrilled to hear he has an album titled Love Is Gonna Find You coming out on 4 October via Sleepless Records.

The lead single for the album, ‘Just Who I Am’, is a candid tale of loneliness and insecurity, with the Winnipeg-based songwriter Erenberg presumably the subject of the song; a song which leans on the quality of great British and American singer-songwriters of the 60s and early 70s: there’s a flood of melody and beautiful chord sequences. Erenberg is a gifted vocalist to boot.

The other song released, ‘Sunspill’, has a more scrappy tape machine style sound for the rhythm guitar and some haunting high-pitched ornamentation. Meanwhile, delay and feedback swirl to give even more texture. The singer manages to take the listener to where his head is at in the song with evocative imagery and a poignant delivery.

Prior to releasing this song, Erenberg impressed us with 'Do It For Love' and 'Somewhere Beyond The Ocean'. He has just finished a mammoth tour of Europe, which included a gig at the Great Escape, where he featured on a line-up showcasing the best Canadian new bands.

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Photo: Colin Medley Roll