‘Hollywood makes me want to puke’
Matty Pywell
14:10 16th April 2020

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Car Seat Headrest have today (16 April) shared a fever tour through the backstreets of ‘Hollywood’, on the latest single from their new album.

“Hollywood makes me want to puke” is thrown at you with the velocity of a home run. The idealistic fantasies surrounding Tinseltown torn to shreds by Will Toledo as he shares his own thoughts on what Hollywood represents. A behind the scenes approach as people ignore the exploitation within the industry and the people who desperately cling to any semblance of fantasy. It’s definitely a headbanger with riffs that keep on relenting, an audio equivalent of having cold water poured on your face. Tune in below:

On the new song Toledo said, “This song is about Hollywood as a place where people go to make their fantasies come to life, and they end up exploiting other people and doing terrible things to maintain their fantasy. It’s all tied together under this banner of the physical location of Hollywood that we all know about and dream about, but none of us really want to think about what is going on behind the scenes there.”

Making A Door Less Open is released on 1 May. 

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