Mazzy Star by way of Wes Anderson
Jessie Atkinson
12:12 10th November 2020

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They've done it again. Young upstarts Drugstore Romeos let us into their world on the soothing, idosyncratic 'Jim, Let's Play'. It's only the band's fourth single to date, and it's yet another clear indication of the places this trio are going.

Less outwardly eccentric than its predecessors, 'Jim, Let's Play' still bulges with the hypercoloured incinuation of fiction. Cymbals shiver like fog in the air and synths undulate across the scene like a pixelated creature in a game of Nokia Snake. Again, Drugstore Romeos make their statement clear: this is dream pop but with something delightfully off. Mazzy Star by way of Wes Anderson.

“We were improvising with the cut-up method in my bedroom when, all at once the words ‘Jim’ and ’Lets play’ jumped out of the cut out word sheet onto a melody that caught it in the air" vocalist Sarah Downey said of the song's making.

'Jim, Let's Play' follows the charming, lo-fi French pop of 'Quotations for Locations', 'Frame of Reference' and the expansive, magical debut 'Now You're Moving'.

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Photo: Erin Hambly