Du Blonde's Homecoming is on its way
Jessie Atkinson
11:08 4th February 2021

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Du Blonde has announced her third full-length album Homecoming. Set for release in April, the LP gets its first breath with a delightfully-fuzzy garage track featuring Ezra Furman. 

A whiplash two minutes, the song is an overdriven garage vibe concealing a melodic pop song beneath. The duet between Furman and Du Blonde - real name Beth Jeans Houghton - is an alt music lover's delight.

Previously released 'Medicated' will also feature on the record, alongside tracks featuring Andy Bell, Shirley Manson and Girl Ray. Homecoming arrives on the heels of 2019's brilliant Lung Bread For Daddy and extraordinary first statement - 2015's Welcome Back To Milk.

“I started writing this record in December last year. I was renting a room in LA from my friend and I was having a pretty bad time. My anxiety and depression were at a point where it was a struggle not to cry while ordering a sandwich," Houghton said, "[I'm Glad We Broke Up] is our take on a 60s girl group/glam rock explosion. I feel like Ezra and I have been travelling towards a duet for years and we finally got our shit together."

Homecoming arrives 2 April via Daemon T.V

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