Mixtapes Home Demo\ns gets its figital release
Jessie Atkinson
12:36 6th April 2021

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Sorry fans: gather in the streets and rejoice (at a 2 metre distance). The duo have dumped a lot of excellent content on us today, the most long-desired of which is the digital release of 2017 YouTube hit Mixtapes Home Demo/ns Vol I. & II.

That's not all though: Sorry have also shared a brand new EP, featuring recent releases 'Cigarette Packet' and 'Separate'. They're joined today on Twixtustwain EP alongside new tracks 'Don't Be Scared', 'Things To Hold Onto' and 'Favourite', all of which have dropped with characteristically lo-fi videos.

Twixtustwain EP Tracklist:

1. Don’t Be Scared
2. Things To Hold Onto
3. Separate
4. Cigarette Packet
5. Favourite

Mixtapes Home Demo/ns Vol I. Tracklist:

1. Interlude (Hi)
2. Ode To Boy (Demo)
3. Whiskey And Choke
4. What You Pay
5. Prickz
6. Things To Think About
7. Cold By The Sun
8. Lace
9. Interlude (Cry For You)
10. Interlude (God Knows I’ve Got Charisma)
11. Interlude (Goodbye)

Mixtapes Home Demo/ns Vol II. Tracklist:

1. Moment
2. Tears
3. Battles
4. Energy
5. Winter
6. Lying Next Toy You In Despair
7. Western
8. The Marching Band
9. Swans

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Photo: Sam Hiscox