+ announce debut EP arriving in June!
Vicky Greer
11:22 23rd April 2021

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Psychedelic pop collective Mandrake Handshake have shared their new single ‘Monolith’, along with the announcement of their debut EP, Shake The Hand That Feeds You. The record will arrive 18 June via Nice Swan Records.

As expected, ‘Monolith’ delivers intoxicating psychedelic rock that twists and turns throughout the track, offering surprise sonic elements all the way through. Mandrake Handshake are hypnotising listeners wherever they go, and their debut is shaping up to be an intriguing release.

The collective explained that ‘Monolith’ is “one of our only songs with a more personal approach to the lyrics, broadly about coming of age. For us, the track represents a freedom from the restraints of childhood and simultaneously the anxiety of future independence–uncertainty is the price of being free”

Shake The Hand That Feeds You is set for release 18 June on Nice Swan Records.

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Photo: Lola Stephen