Call It Love (If You Want To) is coming this September
Adam England
13:35 7th May 2021

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Following his debut single ‘Still’, which dropped in March, former Llovers frontman jak lvr has today returned with the follow up ‘Take a Ride’. It announces his debut EP Call It Love (If You Want To), which is set for release in September. 

Another impressive single, ‘Take a Ride’ maintains lvr’s indie-pop sound, and it’s the sort of track that’s perfect for summer: warm-sounding and easy to listen to.

Reflecting the meaning of the song itself, lvr explaining that it’s “about feeling ground down over time, struggling with the day-to-day but having someone that makes the whole thing a little easier. I like the sentiment that romanticism comes from a place like that. Like a light at the end of the tunnel of cynicism.”

It’s easy to hear that come across in the electronic indie of ‘Take a Ride’, and if this track is anything to go by, the EP could be well worth checking out when it comes out in September.

Call It Love (If You Want To) arrives 10 September.

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Photo: Milly Hutchcraft