arrives 23 September
Vicky Greer
11:36 5th August 2022

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As debuted at her recent Lollapalooza set, WILLOW has just shared her latest single ‘hover like a GODDESS’. With the new single comes news of her new album <COPINGMECHANISM>, out 23 September. After making the shift to pop-punk and emo on her last album, lately I feel EVERYTHING, WILLOW is further developing her guitar-driven sound in her new music.

Like her last single ‘<maybe> it’s my fault’, WILLOW is launching headfirst into loud, bouncing guitars and belting choruses. This recent run of singles has definitely been a lot heavier than her more lo-fi take on the genre last year. At the end of the track, we mellow out into much softer guitar – perhaps as a hint of what else we’ll hear on the album.

WILLOW will be performing at Reading & Leeds Festival this month.

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Photo: Dana Trippe