Gentle dark-pop for the final days of a relationship
Vicky Greer
11:57 5th August 2022

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London musician and producer Kai Bosch has today released his debut EP Slipping, along with the lead single ‘Future Stranger’. The song was written about the very end of a relationship as things start to break down, told through the medium of gentle dark pop.

The 4-track EP takes us through the story of moving from a small town to a bustling city, and what it means to come of age when you’re trying to adapt to a whole new environment. With Slipping, Kai Bosch introduces to his distinct voice and storytelling prowess, as well as his slightly otherworldly take on bedroom pop sounds.

Here, he explained the concept behind ‘Future Stranger’:

"I’ve held this concept of a “future stranger” for some time now - the bizarre concept of loving and knowing someone inside out to suddenly never seeing them again. That’s essentially what the song is about, those final days of a relationship where you realise the person you loved will soon become a stranger. With Future Stranger I also get to speak from a real place of self-awareness: The hook “I can’t keep him” refers to both my possessiveness in a relationship but also that desperation to hold onto something that clearly isn’t working."

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Photo: Jordan Hardy