Live at Fabric, London
Vicky Greer
14:46 5th August 2022

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Multi-talented musical collective NiNE8 have just shared their new single ‘Nige Piano (Deja Vu)’ and have announced their very own NiNE8 Fest, which will take place at Fabric London on 30 September, showcasing a selection of the UK’s favourite underground artists.

Lead by Nige on piano with the rest of the collective singing of their respective love lives, ‘Nige Piano (Deja Vu)’ is another low-key affair from the group, some of the best lo-fi, genre-bending music we have  today. Even though Lava La Rue is celebrating a smash-hit EP and Biig Piig’s solo work is taking off, there will always be time for NiNE8.

Nige says: "I was doodling on the piano, then Lloyd and I chopped it into a beat. The song is all about repeated patterns in relationships, that as jarring and repetitive as they may be, they don’t detract from the love and commitment you share with one another, through sad, angry, or drunken moments’"

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