A tale of desperate love and mutual destruction
Lucy Harbron
11:31 10th August 2022

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Returning with new music after a two year silence, Gia Ford is back with ‘A Car Crash For Two’. As the start of a new era, offering up what she describes as the songs she's “always wanted to write, even as a child” - this first track has us hooked.

Merging all the cinematic storytelling that had us captivated on early projects POSTER BOY and Murder In The Dark, ‘A Car Crash For Two’ sees Gia find a new slick rock sound. Packed with sleazy guitars and grand god-filled imagery, it’s rich and velvety in its lyrical violence. Tackling toxic, desperate love and mutual destruction - it a cautionary tale of co-dependancy. 

Having previously worked with the likes of Spector’s Fred Macpherson and Dev Hynes, Gia is now paired up with a live band and seemingly heading in moodier directions. We’re keeping our eyes peeled.

‘A Car Crash For Two’ is out now.

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Photo: Melony Lemon