"Charlie Bronson is my rage"
Lucy Harbron
11:13 11th August 2022

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Trust Black Honey to return with a bang, or should we say punch. For the first time since their huge second album Written & Directed, the band share new single ‘Charlie Bronson'. 

Paired with an equally huge and cinematic video, the band are truly bounding back to action with this raucous track. Izzy Phillips instantly recognisable vocals sound better than ever, balancing the softness with a bold character - that of the UKs most notorious hard man. 

As a mission statement against ladylike behaviour and subdued behaviour, Izzy said; “‘Charlie Bronson’ is my rage.” 

Talking about the track: ““There’s a personality in my head that feels like Britain’s most notorious prisoner. Sometimes I can’t make sense of anything. It’s a bind of frustration from having to constantly present myself in a way that society accepts. My mind works differently. I say all the wrong things. I hate being ‘ladylike’. I was punished so much for what I know to be my good qualities; a strong minded neurodivergent person who is creative, inquisitive, excitable and in my own universe.”

‘Charlie Bronson’ is out now

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