A modern day throwback
Dale Maplethorpe
17:31 7th February 2023

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It’s been a while since we’ve seen the words ‘Lemar’ and ‘new music’ next to each other but here we are. Just today he released his first single in 11 years, ‘Future Love’ which is an upbeat and 80’s inspired track guaranteed to get everybody moving. The song is very much a throwback but carries with it modern production to sound 2023 even with the retro direction it leans in.

As soon as the song starts we’re treat to a heavy and funky bass. Lemar’s voice is raspy and as gracious as ever whilst he courses through notes low and high to paint a sex-driven picture of disco. The lyrics talk of intimacy and lustfulness as the call and response chorus alludes to receptive feelings of desire. “You got it what it takes to be my future love,” they say to one another.

The track comes out amongst an announcement that Lemar will also be releasing a brand new album (his first in nearly a decade). “With this new album,” he said, “I wanted to make something for anyone who ever bought ‘Dedicated’, as this year is 20 years since it’s release… that’s really reflected in the first single ‘Future Love’” he said turning his attention towards the new single, “it’s more uptempo, it’s got that soulful feel, it’s a bit looser, a bit Chaka Khan… it’s got that kind of energy to it.”

The clearest reflection of the pace that Lemar refers to can be found in the songs bridge. It’s a speedy bass run with perfectly aligned and accompanying vocals. It sounds like something plucked from a That’s What I Call 80’s CD but dragged into the modern-day music scene, and it doesn’t feel an inch out of place.

After hearing this track and hearing what Lemar has to say about the upcoming album, it certainly does feel good to have him back.

Check out the new single ‘Future Love’ now


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