Singer in fresh shocking performance...
Scott Colothan

10:27 10th July 2007

Yet again, Lauryn Hill has outraged her loyal fans with another shambolic performance – this time in Birmingham.

The singer played at the Birmingham Academy last night (July 9) and turned up on stage two hours late at 10.30pm. Some fans had already left before she turned up.

Once onstage, fans have described her as looking “wasted” and “cracked out”, with one saying that it was “the worst gig of my life.”

One fan told Gigwise: “I went to Birmingham gig last night, sat for 3 hours, no support band no nothing, left at 10.20. She is so far up her own arse she probably thinks it’s 40 quid each well spent.”

Another said: “After being over two hours late, Lauryn came on stage looking like a clown, singing in an incredible aggressive manner and looking as though she were absolutely wasted, her eyes rolling...such a shame that such a talented individual is at such a low point.”

While another launched a stinging attack on Ms Hill, saying: “I witnessed and experienced a first last night – the complete and utter demise of a personal hero and the worst gig of my life.

“Not only did the woman not grace the stage until 10.30 - the venue to close at 11.00 – providing the good value of about £5 per 5 minutes of music! But she looked like a cracked out, mad old bag lady that you make considerable efforts to cross the street to avoid. We are trying to get our money back for this complete and utter farce.”

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Photo: Shirlaine Forrest