Band don't dig the digital revolution...
Helen Duong

11:22 12th July 2007

While bands like Ash are getting ready to fully embrace the digital revolution, The Coral say they’re not quite up for it.

Speaking to Gigwise, guitarist Lee Southall says there’s no better experience than going down to the record shop and picking up a physical copy.

He told us:  “I don’t use it the internet, seriously! But the other lads in the bands do and they can get some good things off it and get your downloaded. It’s good if you want to use it in that way. 

”It’s a magical thing when you go and buy and album, you get the album and you get the artwork and that. If people are just downloading it, then the magic’s lost.

“I hope it doesn’t turn into like, you go into a record shop and there’s no CDs, you’ve got to download it onto your iPod. That would piss me off.”

The Coral’s latest single ‘Who’s Gonna Find Me?’ is released on July 30. Their album ‘Roots and Echos’ follows a week later.

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