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Jason Gregory

11:58 25th July 2007

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Coldplay have revealed that the band have moved recording sessions for their next album – the follow-up to 2005’s X & Y – to Barcelona, in Spain.

As a result of the new recording location and recent visits to South America, the band’s new material has taken on a “strengthening Hispanic theme.”

Revealing the new direction in a post on their website, the band said: “We’ve been travelling light on acoustic guitar, a couple of mics, a laptop and some headphones. We’re recording in Barcelona – moving from church to church, setting up where we can: in front of the altar, under the pulpit. We’ve been playing at the feet of archangels.”

Although the album will feature “Hispanic” influences, the post added that there wouldn’t be any “maracas or castanets, but a vibrancy of colourfulness that owes much to the atmosphere of Buenos Aires and Barcelona. The affect is subtle but important,” it stated. 

The as-yet-unnamed album is expected to be released in 2008.

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