He blasts troubled stars...
Cher Tippetts

12:03 31st August 2007

Happy Mondays’ dancer Bez has branded Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty a couple of “fucking lightweights” for seeking treatment for their drug addictions.

The Madchester casualty – who publicly went cold-turkey for Celebrity Big Brother – is not impressed with today’s “part-time rock ‘n’ rollers” and reckons that Amy and Pete are letting the side down by entering rehab.

“Pete Doherty is talked about all the time but he’s a fucking lightweight. He spends more time in rehab that he does taking drugs for fucks sake.

“Winehouse is the same, she’s got a lot to prove. There are too many part-time rock ‘n’ rollers these days. They should get out more and have a good time.

“I’ve not spent a minute in rehab in 25 years and I’m all right.”

The jury’s still out on that one.

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