Why they stopped it...
Scott Colothan

14:55 4th January 2008

Gigwise has spoken to Radiohead’s long-term manager Bryce Edge about the decision to prohibit Amplive from releasing a remix version of ‘In Rainbows’ and he explained to us that the decision boiled down to two major factors.

As reported earlier today, Radiohead’s publishers Warner/Chappell sent a ‘cease and desist’ letter to Amplive’s label saying that by releasing ‘Rainydayz’, the producer had created “musical arrangements and remixes” without official agreement.

Explaining things, Edge said the first problem was that Amplive used an image of Thom Yorke on his website advertising the album, therefore inferring the frontman’s involvement.

Secondly, Edge iterated the point that management had a major grievance about fans being told to forward on their ‘In Rainbows’ purchase email to receive the free remix album.

Asked by Gigwise about what the band thought about the whole issue, Edge said: “To be honest, I’m not sure the band have even heard it.

"A main problem was that he (Amplive) did a cut and paste of a photo of Thom and put it on his website which inferred he was involved in the project. When we heard that you had to send a confirmation email from W.A.S.T.E to get the album, we thought ‘That’s a bit naughty!’

“It wasn’t a case of someone simply posting some remixes on a website, he was suggesting that the band were involved and that’s why the publishers decided to take this action.

“Amplive had never even come to the band telling them about his idea, which would have been nice. I know he had good intentions, but I just think he’s misled people.”

He continued that management at Courtyard are having a meeting with Radiohead on Tuesday (January 8) and will be discussing the issue further.

Suggesting the next stage, Edge finished: “I think what needs to happen is that he (Amplive) needs to make a statement on his website telling people that the album has nothing to do with Radiohead and he should advise them to listen to the album there.”

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