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Jason Gregory

16:37 1st April 2008

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Supergrass have warned their record label EMI to hold on to key staff when its proposed job cuts are finalised later this year. 

Speaking to Gigwise, the band singled out former recorded-music chief Tony Wadsworth, who left earlier this year, as an example. 

“I think as a company there’s no reason why it can’t just carry on but our only wish I suppose as a band is that they don’t get rid of too many Tony Wadworth’s,” the band’s frontman Gaz Coombes said. 

“He knew about music and had a good approach and wasn’t too biz about the whole thing.

“I think it’s good if you keep those people around.”

Coombes admitted that he was concerned that staff like Wadsworth might be included in the company’s planned cut of nearly 2,200 jobs.

The cuts form part of an ongoing makeover at the record label following its acquisition by the private equity company Terra Firma last August. 

A number of EMI’s acts, including The Verve and Robbie Williams, have expressed their concern over the plans, which will mostly affect the recorded-music division.

Supergrass, who are signed to the EMI sub-division Parlophone, believe that it’s important for the record label’s acts to “see things through”.

“You can’t just jump ship because it might be a bit of hot air as well with various things,” drummer Danny Goffey said. 

“It’s kind of over pressed. So yeah, I just think sit tight and see what happens and hopefully not too many people will go all change.”

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