My Chemical Romance man addresses fans...
Jason Gregory

12:21 16th April 2008

My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way has spoken directly to fans about the problem of anti-emo related violence in Mexico.

Tensions have escalated in the country over recent months with a series of reported attacks against people who have “an emo look”. 

Addressing the audience at Zero Fest in Mexico City last Saturday (April 12th), Way said the band no longer wanted to see “any fucking violence”.

“I want to say something today before we continue. Recently we’ve been hearing a lot of stuff about some violence here in your country having to do with kids who want to wear black t-shirts…or some kind of bulls— stuff like that,” Way told the crowd.

“We don’t want to see any fucking violence. We came here for one reason, and that’s to be at the fucking rock show.”

The severity of the anti-emo movement in Mexico first came to the worlds attention in March when hundreds of supporters attacked emo’s in the city of Queretaro.

Since then there have been reports of further stand offs and isolated incidents in Chile.

It's thought that the movement is growing via soial networking sites and message boards.

What do you think about the violence? Are My Chemical Romance Right to speak out? Leave a comment and let us know...

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Photo: WENN