With BPI backing...
Jason Gregory

11:11 3rd July 2008

Internet provider Virgin Media has sent hundreds of letters telling its customers that downloading music illegally will not be tolerated.

The company has sent 800 letters in conjunction with the BPI, who said that the 10-week scheme had been devised to “educate” people.

The initiative is part of a new drive to prevent internet users from downloading music from file-sharing websites.

The BPI, who regulate the British music industry, is trying to implement a three strikes and your out policy, which will see repeat offenders disconnected from their internet service provider.

To date, Virgin Media are the only company who have signed up to the scheme.

Speaking to the BBC, BPI chief executive Geoff Taylor said that the organisation was prepared to back up its education of customers with legal action against ISPs.

A number of internet providers, including Carphone Warehouse, have refused to sign up the the three strikes policy because they feel it infringes their customers privacy.

Virgin Media have since admitted that the wording in the letter, which threatens customers with disconnection, was a mistake. They are expected to review the corrsespondence in August.

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