Apparently some of their peers aren't 'real people'...
Alex Lai

10:39 2nd April 2005

Serge Pizzorno of Leicester band Kasabian has hit out at the likes of Franz Ferdinand and Keane, claiming that they are not 'people' bands.

Speaking to Q, Pizzorno said, "Franz Ferdinand, Keane, all that lot, I just don't believe them.  They are not my people, they are not real, and they'll get found out soon enough."  He then went on to put his band on a par with some musical greats, "The Beatles were real, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, us.  Why?  It's in our blood.  What's in Keane's blood?  Fucking tap water I'll bet."

Kasabian have now sold over half a million copies of thier debut album and will be playing at the Wireless and Carling Festivals.  They'll also be joining Oasis to tour America later this year - seems like they've picked up the Gallaghers' trademark humility.

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