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Jason Gregory

12:48 6th October 2010

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Cee Lo Green has said that his reunion with Goodie Mob is “set in stone”.

Green was one of the original members of the 90s Atlanta hip-hop group before leaving to launch a solo career in 2002.

The singer, who has since performed as part of Gnarls Barkley, releases his latest solo album 'The Lady Killer' in November.

But in an exclusive video interview with Gigwise, Green confirmed that Goodie Mob were set to reunite for a new album.

“Definitely. The reunion is set in stone,” he said. “I'm almost done with ['The Lady Killer'], turning it in formerly, and we will resume shortly thereafter finishing the Goodie Mob album.”

Asked what it felt like to be reforming with his former bandmates, Green replied: “Fateful. The meek shall inherit the earth, as the scripture says.

“That's what it feels like, it feels like destiny.”

Green admitted that time had changed since he left the group, but added: “They were always my big brothers so, now, we can look each other in the eye.”

Goodie Mob's last album featuring Green, 'World Party', was released in 1999. The group also went on to release two more records without the star.

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