Returning pop trio register simple new name
Michael Baggs

09:34 19th July 2012

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The original members of the Sugababes have registered the name 'Mutya Keisha Siobhan' ahead of their comeback later this year.

The trio, who made their pop debut in 2000 founded the name but is currently the property of their former record label, and still used by Amelle Berrebah, Heidi Range and Jade Ewen.

Mutya Buena currently owns all rights to stationary bearing the name 'Sugababes' after winning a court case in 2010.

Mutya Buena, Keisha Buchanon and Siobhan Donaghy signed a £1million deal with Polydor Records in April 2012 and have been working with MNEK, Asterix and Craze & Hoax on their first album as a three-piece since 'One Touch' in 2000. BRIT Award winner Emeli Sande has also revealed she has been writing tracks for the trio.

Siobhan Donaghy quit the girlband in 2001 to be replaced by Heidi Range. Mutya Buena left in 2005, having her place filled by Amelle Berrebah and Keisha Buchanon quit in 2009.

Below: the legal document filed by Mutya Keisha Siobhan

Below: 25 pop acts you need to hear in 2012

  • Bright Light Bright Light: London based singer/songwriter Rod Thomas proves a master of soaring boy-pop on his nineties influenced debut album, ''Make Me Believe In Hope''

  • Aiden Grimshaw: The former X Factor boy comes good on debut album ''''Misty Eye'''', a spectacular collection of brooding tunes written and delivered with a maturity few 20-year-olds share.

  • St.Lucia: Mixing credible with commercial, this Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter stunned us earlier in 2012 with his self-titled EP, and his track ''Before The Dive'' is one of this year''s most spectacular pop tunes.

  • Foxes: Stunning looks and stunning sounds alike from this Southampton newcomer, who is set to rival the likes of Ellie Goulding and Marina and The Diamonds for the credible pop queen crown.

  • Pariis Opera House: This London duo describe themselves as ''electro space-funk mavericks''. We''d put it a little more clearly and proclaim them the glorious lovechild of Klaxons and Justice.

  • Swiss Lips: With a debut album due to drop late 2012, Swiss Lips galloping blend of guitars and synths drenches indie foundations with huge pop choruses and sparkling synth sounds.

  • Icona Pop: Mixing punk with pop with dubstep with trip-hop and a good dose of Swedish music sense, Icona Pop impress with every new release - and never retread old ground as they constantly switch their sound.

  • Jessie Ware: As far as we''re concerned, there''s only one Jessie we care about in pop - and it''s not the loudmouth judge from The Voice. Ware''s pop approach is altogether more soulful, more blissful and more enjoyable than the noisy sounds of Ms J.

  • Rudimental: Already with a chart topping single under their belts, this East London production team have made drum & bass cool again with their No.1 hit ''Feel The Love''.

  • AlunaGeorge: With most R&B acts far too concerned with recording club tunes, it''s left to this London duo to keep the genre alive. Their tracks ooze both class and sheer sex - not an easy double to achieve.

  • Eli + Fur: London duo obsessed with house and techno music, Eli + Fur''s debut single ''Sea Of Stars'' promises big things for these teenage best mates.

  • Churches: More UK, female-fronted synthpop, this time from Scotland - but with all the hallmarks of Swedish stars such as Robyn, Annie or Niki & The Dove.

  • Scissor Sisters: Sure, they''ve been around the block a few times, but Jake Shears and co''s return in 2012 saw them hit a pop high not heard since their 2004 debut album. Collaborators included Calvin Harris and Azealia Banks - but felt natural and fresh, rather than jumping on any bandwagon.

  • Chew Lips: After growing a large live fanbase after touring debut album ''Unicorn'' relentlessly, the duo''s 2012 comeback ''Do You Chew'' promises big things from their second release.

  • Dragonette: Another name that''s been knocking around for a few years, this Canadian trio has never scored a major hit, but their 2012 single ''Let It Go'' proved that when it comes to superb ladypop, no one does it better.

  • Grimes: Electropop got trendy with the release of Grimes'' third album ''Visions'', scoring mainstream press coverage as critical praise was heaped on Claire Boucher''s downbeat epic.

  • Hot Chip: Continually brilliant, Hot Chip yet again stunned with the release of their 2012 album ''In Our Heads'', once again proving that the best pop tracks do not come from the likes of Kylie Minogue or Madonna - but instead this scruffy band of unassuming pop genuises.

  • Azari & III: Blending the greatest elements of nineties house music on their self titled debut album, Azari & III have made a name for themselves with not only their sounds, but also their spectacular live and festival shows.

  • Jupiter: With mixed London and Paris heritage and a blend of eighties pop and seventies disco, Jupiter''s 2012 album ''Juicy Lucy'' is shimmering collections of club-friendly pop hits.

  • Miike Snow: Mixing Swedish pop brilliance with American ambition, Miike Snow''s 2012 album ''Happy To You'' threw the pop rule book out of the window on a collection of bizarre tracks which achieved a commercial sound without bowing to mainstream sounds.

  • A.M.E: If we need a UK Rihanna, our vote goes to this London teenager. Vocally stunning and musically experimental - mixing hip-hop, pop and dance, A.M.E scores extra points with us for her self-made fanzine, which never fails to impress and amuse.

  • The 2 Bears: Hairy men and pop go hand in hand it seems, and The 2 Bears are the ones leading pop into the woods for a ruddy good dance, with debut album vying with Joe Goddard''s Hot Chip release for the best British boy-pop album of 2012.

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