Singer works with Elvis Costello and Mark Ronson for veggie advert
Ashley Clements

11:01 19th January 2013

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Sir Paul McCartney and Elvis Costello have recorded a song for the late Linda McCartney’s vegetarian food range.

Despite having been married twice since Linda passed away 15 years ago, McCartney is obviously keen to show his dedication to his first love with his continued involvement with her company, Linda McCartney Foods.

The former Beatles singer released a short animation earlier this week which included Linda walking through a forrest and a re-recorded version of 1970s hit 'Heart of the Country'. This track will be the theme track to Linda McCartney Foods’ advertising campaign and was recorded during a session with super producer, Mark Ronson.

Costello, who is a good friend of McCartney’s, will narrate the animation which will take the form of a commercial and be screened later this month on British television.

Sir Paul McCartney has re-recorded 'Heart of the Country' for Linda's food range 

Costello has been a vegetarian for 20 years and admitted that Linda made being a vegetarian seem less daunting. He said: "Linda always talked well and make it seem that you wouldn’t be joining a secret weird society by being vegetarian."

The frozen food firm, which was launched by Linda has not advertised for 15 years, but the new commercial, laced with the tune of McCartney and voice of Costello will hit the screens on 28 January, 2013.

Watch a teaser video for the commercial below:

Below: The Many Faces Of Sir Paul McCartney:

  • Innocent little schoolboy

  • Shocked

  • Cheeky scouse chap

  • The Bruce Forsyth impression

  • The gossiping old lady next door "Eh, you never guess what Ethel said next door but one..."

  • Heather Mills has just walked into the room

  • Tired old man

  • Cool as fuck, man

  • Disgruntled

  • Devastated. The memories of Heather Mills come flooding back

  • Rock god

  • Aloof

  • Seriously hacked off

  • Grouchy

  • Fake, forced smile

  • Thoughtful, pensive

  • Smug

  • It wasn't me, honestly guv'nor!

  • Austere and serious

  • The double chin

  • Very, very interested

  • The orgasmic bass-line face

  • Peace lover

  • Vexed

  • Pissed as a newt

  • Casual

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