Rapper insists he sold 'p***y' to athletes
Grace Carroll

11:23 9th May 2013

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Snoop Dogg has said that he used to be a pimp, as he had a tourbus of women whose services he'd offer around while on tour.

The rapper was on a Playboy tour when he'd sell the women's services to athletes and entertainers, and added that his wife was surprisingly okay with it - and their relationship survived.

Snoop tells Rolling Stone, "I did a Playboy tour, and I had a bus follow me with ten b***hes on it. I could fire a b***h, fuck a b***h, get a new ho: It was my program. City to city, t**ty to t**ty, hotel room to hotel room, athlete to athlete, entertainer to entertainer."

He continued, "If I'm in a city where where the Denver Broncos or the Nuggets play, I get a couple of they players to come hang out, pick and choose, and whichever one you like comes with a number. A lot of athletes bought p***y from me."

However, unlike an actual pimp, Snoop would let the women - who he charmingly refers to as "b***hes" - keep the money, saying it was more about the fascination.

Snoop Dogg at the 2003 MTV Music Awards, with two women on chain leashes 

"I'd act like I'd take the money from the b***h, but I'd let her have it," he says. "It was never about the money; it was about the fascination of being a pimp . . . As a kid I dreamed of being a pimp, I dreamed of having cars and clothes and b***hes to match. I said, 'F**k it - I'm finna do it.'"

Amazingly, his relationship with his wife Shante Broadus prevailed. "My wife had to take a backseat to this s**t. And I love her to this day because she coulda shook out on a n***a, but she stayed in my corner. So when I decided to let it go, she was still there."

Dr Dre to Miley Cyrus: what the hell happened to Snoop Dogg?

  • 1992 - Dr Dre - 'Deep Cover': Taken under the wing of one the most consistently praised men in hip hop, Dr Dre, Snoop arrived onth scene in the early 90s, featuring on Dre's 'Deep Cover', fresh faced and full of hate for the police.

  • 1992 - 'Nothing But A G Thang': His role in The Chronic solidified Snoop's position in the West Coast G-Funk rap scene. To this day the winding melody of 'Nuthin' But A g Thang' is instantly recognisable, as are the bouncing low-riders of the video.

  • 1996 - 'Snoop's Upside Your Head': It's the mid-90s and Snoops at the pinnacle of his gansta rap period, full embodied by the video for Snoop's 'Upside Your Head' which features Snoop being the first gansta rapper to be executed, epitomising the rappers confrontation with America's white middle-class. Essentially it was this face-off that brought Snoop his global recognition

  • 2003 - The Next Episode: It's Dre's track, but Snoop made it. Blisteringly dextrous rhymes from everyone involved, it gave us 'Na na na na, it's the motherf**king D O double G'. Instant classic. Go listen to it now.

  • 2004 - Starksy and Hutch: OK, so nothing against rappers trying their hand at acting, Snoop was actually not bad as a wheelchair-bound criminal in Training Day (sort of). However, playing Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson's black friend, the 70s black stereotype Huggy Bear, was perhaps where Snoop lost his cool badness

  • 2005 - Signs w/ JT: JT's cool, in his own way, but when Snoop hooked up with him for 'Signs' it was definitive proof that he was embracing music's mainstream. No more badass rapper, just music scene mainstay. The track also appeared in an Ashton Kutcher film.

  • 2005 - Pussycat Dolls - 'Buttons': The Pussycat Dolls tried so hard to be cool, Nicole Scherzinger in particular, but in the process were the most cringingly uncool group of ladies in the world. If you take your clothes off and people still think your quaint, it's time to give up. We can only assume Snoop's management suggested he get involved in this track, becuase we like to think he still had an eye for coolness at this point.

  • 2010 - Katy Perry - 'California Gurls': Yeah, so this is a picture of Snoop wearing a suit covered in cupcakes, surrounded by sweets. How could the universe have let this happen?

  • 2012 - Cher Lloyd - 'Want U Back': To be fair to him, it sounds like Snoop phoned this one in, as in he recorded his verse on his iPhone and texted it to Cher Lloyd's producer. It was her first US single and Snoop did not appear on the UK version. Snoop's not in the video. Even if you're Snoop Dogg, you've still got to pay for the bin bags of weed you smoke.

  • 2013 - : From Dr Dre to Miley Cyrus, Snoop Lion has teamed up with the US pop irritant for new track, 'Ashtrays & Heartbreak' in what must see the rapper stray furthest from his once cool roots. The track is taken from his new reggae album Reincarnated, which also features contributions from Rita Ora and Chris Brown.

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